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Northlandzz is a division of  Localzz and Localzz Media
Northlandzz is over 200+ digital brands networked together to create a brand local information network.
These sites are covering  over 200+ specialty topics. The sites provide topic information and a directory by region.
Northlandzz is part of the Localzz Media network, which provides a ecosystem for local and specialty information.
The Northlandzz is still underdevelopment of creating over 200+ sites for local and specialty information.
Get listed in our today in a few of our Northlandzz sites:
We are Localzz... A local information network and local information marketplaces. Localzz is creating the local information network and marketplaces for consumers, communities, and businesses. Localzz is a branded digital network providing local information and more. Localzz and Localzz Media is a next-generation digital media company.
Localzz provides the local Information, Directory, and Listing Networks. The Localzz is building the information destinations for locals.
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Digital sites with a focus on a special topic with specific brand name for the site.
Sites that provide topic specific content and at times a directory related to topics


Specialty Interest Sites
Specialty Interest Sites provide special topics with specific brand name for the site.
Sites that provide topic specific content and at times a directory related to topic.


Publication Directories
Publication Directories that focus on a special topic with specific brand name for the site.
Sites that provide topic specific content and at times a directory related to topic.


What Are We
Local Information. Local Directories. Local Listings.
1500+ sites or digital brands networked to together to provide local information owned and operated by one company Localzz Media
We have created are very own owned and operated Local Publisher Network, National Publisher Network, and Global Publisher Network of 1500+ digital properties.


What We Do
We own and operate 1500+ specialty or branded sites that are networked together and working together to create a local information ecosystem.
Localzz owns and operates our own 1500+ digital branded and destinations for local information, directories, and listing sites.
Digital Content Brands
Specialty Interest Sites
Publication Directories


Why Localzz
Who else is creating a local information network of 1500+ sites for global, national, and local information?
We wanted to help locals advertise and market their information, so we created the local information network.


Advertising Directory
Business Directory
Marketing Directory
Technology Directory


Consumer brands, sites and directories
Most of our sites are for information consumers.
Advertising, Marketing,  and Promoting sites
Business to Business Brands and Sites
Sites that promote our business to business products and services
LocalZZ - Local People, Businesses, Information, and Websites
LocalZZ Media - The Local Information Network
The Local Information, Directory, and Listing Network
Localzz is a digital advertising and publishing company
Get your local information listed today!
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